drama. The general term for performances in which actors impersonate the actions and speech of fictional or historical characters (or non-human entities) for the entertainment of an audience either on a stage or by means of a broadcast: or a particular example of this art. i.e. a play. Drama is usually expected to represent stories showing situations of conflict between characters, although the monodrama is a special case in which only one performer speaks. Drama is a major genre of literature, but includes non-literary forms (in mime), and has several dimensions that lie beyond the domain of the literary dramatist or playwright (see mise-en-scene). The major dramatic genres in the West are comedy and tragedy, but several other kinds of dramatic work fall outside these categories (see drame, history play, masque, melodrama, morality play, mystery play, tragicomedy). Dramatic poetry is a category of verse composition for theatrical performance: the term is now commonly extended, however, to non-theatrical poems that involve a similar kind of impersonation, as in the *closet drama and the dramatic monologue. [Baldick 1990]