Spiral Synthesis by Tracy Lind Petersen

Spiral Synthesis is from the book, Digital Audio Signal Processing: An Anthology, which is a collection of articles edited by John Strawn. This highly-recommended book is now available as reprint BK100 from ICMA. All of the chapters except "Spiral Synthesis" are also available, in their original form, as reprints from CCRMA. Because there was something of a demand for this chapter, especially on the music-dsp mailing list, I have placed it here for public consumption.

So, here it is: Spiral Synthesis

I have also created a Csound unit generator based on the sample code from the article. It has not been tested in a long time, so I can't promise that it works well, or even at all. If you can get it to work with a recent version of Csound, please send me a copy. Perhaps it could even be submitted to Csound proper...

-- Bradley Bell <bradleyb@u.washington.edu>