Visualizing nutrient-phytoplankton-zooplankton dynamics

Neil Banas, 2011

This is a tool for exploring marine ecological interactions: simple models of planktonic nutrient cycling, a sketch of a coastal upwelling system, and a more complex model exploring phytoplankton and zooplankton diversity ("ASTroCAT": more information here). It is designed to be easy to modify and add your own cases to.

Use projects and model cases to browse through what's here.

The source code and a download link are below. This work was supported by NSF and NOAA.



Download as a complete Processing sketch

Or browse the source code: NPZmachine34_web | Projects | ac_diversity | ac_expts | ac_model | ac_npz | core_archive | core_eco | core_env | core_varFluxEtc | gr_axes | gr_network | gr_pcolor | gr_view gui | gui_generic | models_npzdo | models_upwelling | models_watercol | tc_bc | tc_slice | utils_misc

The Processing environment is available at Download Processing, unzip the NPZmachine sketch, open the sketch in Processing, and click play!


Here is a schematic of the code.