Modeling plankton biology

Sea-ice retreat and the Bering Sea zooplankton community

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Visualizing nutrient-phytoplankton-zooplankton dynamics

interactive model (+ download)

Adding complex trophic interactions to a size-spectral plankton model


poster from Ocean Sciences 2012

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Experimental validation of an individual-based model for zooplankton swarming

paper (19 MB scan)

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Pacific Northwest oceanography

The UW CMG Cascadia model

Primary productivity, harmful algae, and hypoxia

more info via the PNWTOX (Pacific Northwest Toxins) program


An interactive tool for visualizing the circulation of the Salish Sea and Northwest coast

PS-AHAB: Puget Sound Alexandrium Harmful Algal Blooms

Hypoxia in Lynch Cove, WA

interactive model

poster (CERF, 2009)

context (HCDOP report chapter 3.4)

Ecosystem modeling for the Columbia River plume region

part of the RISE program

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Green crab larval retention in Willapa Bay, Washington

NS Banas, PS MacDonald, and DA Armstrong


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Dynamics of Willapa Bay, Washington

Links to the coastal ocean, tidal dispersion, and oyster carrying capacity


interactive tidal model


Climate Change Impacts on Marine Ecosystems

Fish/Envir 330, Spr 2013

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Writing Animals

Honors 345B, Spr 2011

co-taught with Sarah Read, English

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Northwest Coastal Stories: Turbulence in Science and Culture

CHID, Oceanography, Honors, 2004-10

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World Religions and the Environment

Honors, 2008

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(Britta Jaschinski)

Humans and Other Animals

CHID, 2001; Honors, 2003, 2007

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Priests, tricksters, and holy wanderers in the practice of natural history

conference paper (PNW American Academy of Religion, 2002)

Quiet Creatures: A Summer on Long Island

thesis (MA, Religious Studies, Univ of Colorado, 1998)

Computational art

Rain (2007)

Appears in Patterns 2: Design, Art, and Architecture (Birkhaüser, 2008)

Waft (2009)

Springypoly (2006)

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