Student Name: Anna Mikhaylova Anya Mikhaylova
Advisor: Tim Thornton
Degree Program: PhD, Biostatistics - Statistical Genetics Pathway
Campus Address: Box 357232, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-7232
Email Address: avmikh at uw dot edu
CV/Resume: CV/Resume (pdf)

I am a sixth year doctoral student in the statistical genetics pathway. My main research interests are in statistical genetics and pharmacogenomics. I have been working with Dr Tim Thornton on developing and applying methodology for predicting gene expression in admixed individuals, i.e. individuals with ancestry derived from multiple previously isolated populations. Thus far, I have evaluated the predictive performance of an existing software PrediXcan in diverse populations and used machine learning techniques to develop ancestry-specific models. Additionally, I have been performing a series of simulations in order to characterize the genetic architecture of gene expression and identify the factors that are important for accurate predictions.