Andrew Nato

Andrew Q. Nato

Senior Fellow
Statistical Genetics Lab
Division of Medical Genetics
University of Washington

Tel: (206) 543-1471
Fax: (206) 616-1973
aqnato at uw dot edu


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University of Washington
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Seattle, WA 98195-7720

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1.Alejandro Q. Nato, Jr., Nicola H. Chapman, Charles Y. K. Cheung, Zoran Brkanac, and Ellen M. Wijsman. PBAP: A pipeline for family-based quality control of pedigree structures and dense genetic marker data. [in preparation]

2.Alejandro Q. Nato, Jr., Xiangyang Kong, Bruce Byrne, Joseph Naus, Derek Gordon, Steven Buyske, Linda M. Brzustowicz, and Tara C. Matise. Genomic characterization of schizophrenia candidate gene regions: A novel integrative approach to determine SCRs. [in preparation]

3.Alejandro Q. Nato, Jr., Derek Gordon, Steven Buyske, Linda M. Brzustowicz, and Tara C. Matise. schizPrioritizer: A new method to prioritize candidate genes for schizophrenia. [in preparation]

4.Alejandro Q. Nato, Jr., Steven Buyske, and Tara C. Matise. A third generation combined linkage-physical map of the human genome. [in preparation]

5.Alejandro Q. Nato, Jr., Bo Li, Fang Chen, James H. Millonig, and Tara C. Matise. A bioinformatics approach for the identification of developmental QTL candidate genes. [in preparation]

6.Bo Li, Paul G. Matteson, Myka F. Ababon, Alejandro Q. Nato, Yong Lin, Vikas Nanda, Tara C. Matise, and James H. Millonig. The orphan GPCR, Gpr161, regulates the retinoic acid and canonical Wnt pathways during neurulation. [submittted]

7.Megan D. Fesinmeyer, James B. Meigs, Kari E. North, Fredrick R Schumacher, Petra Bůžková, Nora Franceschini, Jeffrey Haessler, Robert Goodloe, Kylee L. Spencer, V. Saroja Voruganti, Barbara V. Howard, Rebecca Jackson, Laurence N. Kolonel, Simin Liu, JoAnn E. Manson, Kristine R. Monroe, Kenneth Mukamal, Holli H. Dilks, Sarah A. Pendergrass, Alejandro Q. Nato, Jr., Peggy Wan, Lynne R. Wilkens, Loic Le Marchand, José Luis Ambite, Steven Buyske, Jose C. Florez, Dana C. Crawford, Lucia A. Hindorff, Christopher A. Haiman, Ulrike Peters, and James S. Pankow. Genetic variants associated with fasting glucose and insulin concentrations in an ethnically diverse population: results from the Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE) Study. [submitted]